Arnica Relief Topical Cream

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Arnica Relief Topical Ointment

#1 First-Aid Remedy!

Aids In:

  • *Pain
  • *Bruising
  • *Muscle Aches
  • *Injuries
  • *Pre and Post Surgical Discomfort and Healing

*Safe & Natural... No Side Effects!


Arnica Montana: This is the major remedy for new traumatic injuries, especially bruises, sprains, and concussions. Symptoms are worse from touch and motion.

Arnica can be helpful for painful bruising and tissue-damage caused by surgery and dental work; given preventively before an anticipated injury, and used to treat the soreness afterward. It is also helpful in preventing shock.

If you have an injury, you really can reduce bruising by using Homeocare's Arnica Montana. Bruising occurs when the skin experiences a strike that breaks many small blood vessels. The blood then leaks out under the skin, thereby causing a black, blue, and red appearance of a bruise. Over time, the body slowly reabsorbs the blood and the bruise begins to fade away.

Apply to unbroken skin as soon as possible after an injury. Repeat at least 3 times daily.

Best used in combination with Arnica Tablets or Pellets.

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