Homeocare Labs Insomnia Relief, 85 pellet Tubes*****


A Sleeping Product that Really Works WITHOUT the drowsy side effects! I got this product for my sister who can never sleep through the night and she says it works just as well as other products but doesn't leave her completely out of it for the first few hours she wakes up. Anyone with sleep problems should buy this product! 

Carly T. L., NY


Homeocare Labs Arnica Montana 30c*****

This is the best delivery device for pellets I've seen. You can get just as many as you need with a few twists of the wrist. That's great.
I was a bit concerned it was in plastic, they assured my the plastic is non-reactive and won't interfere with the Arnica. So when I need Arnica, this is the one I'll use.

-Grampa Yogi., Iowa


Homeocare Blatrol Bladder Relief, 85 pellet Tube*****

I bought this product for my mother who has an overactive bladder. In addition she takes blood pressure medications that makes her go even more. This is the only product that allows her to go out of the house without frantically looking for a bathroom. She has been using this Blatrol for over a year now and has only had good relief from it and would never be without it. Great product. I highly recommend it for anyone with bladder problems.

Dan S., NY


Homeocare Allergy Relief, 85 pellet Tube****

Great stuff. I am always skeptical about using new medication. A friend of mine gave me a tube cause I was always sneezing like mad year round, this worked great. Used it on my 4 year old daughter, worked just as well. Thanks again.

Kara, NJ 


Homeocare Allergy Relief, 85 pellet Tube****

Very effective.I used this when my throat became itchy, after a couple of minutes I was able to breathe clearer. I was happy I didn't become sleepy like OTC meds.

Jamie N.


Homeocare 'Made to Order' Remedy****

I  ordered remedies for my son. He's always coming down with viruses in school. This was my first time ordering with homeocare and I was very satisfied. Really helpful Homeopath and I received my order quickly too. Will surely order again :-)

Helen D., RI


Homeocare Hangover Relief****

Good stuff. Woke up with a bad headache and felt horrible, this stuff actually helped me get to class and think clearly lol. 2 thumbs up!
College_Bound, CT