Sore Throat Relief

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Sore Throat Relief

With all the over the counter options available for inflammed, irritated sore throats, why not opt for a homeopathic remedy? 

Homeocare SORE THROAT Relief helps relieve red, painful irritation, dryness, difficulty swallowing, fever, hoarseness and loss of voice. We combine some of the greatest  aforementioned ingredients, to help you rid of your painful, achy sore throat. 

How can HomeoCare SORE THROAT Relief help you?

HomeoCare SORE THROAT Relief taken at onset of symptoms brings fast relief through systematic combination of ingredients that target dryness and inflammation, relieving swollen painful symptoms and reducing the need for antibiotics. 

Presentation: Tube dispenser of approx. 85 sublingual homeopathic pellets (granules) (4gr.)

Recommended dosage: 3 to 5 pellets, 3 times a day. For severe symptoms, dosage can be repeated hourly, reducing frequency with improvement.

Warnings: If pregnant or nursing, check with a doctor before use. Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children. 

Active Ingredients (HPUS): Belladonna, Dulcamara, Aconitum Napellus, Phytolacca, Mercurius Solubilis and Apis Mellifica.

Inactive Ingredients: Sucrose/Lactose.