Hear Ye Hear Ye...Arnica Montana 411 



Arnica Montana is the newest talk of Beverly Hills! Celebrities, Fashion Designers and Top Models alike are singing the praises of Arnica Montana all across the beauty board.


Now we all know that Arnica Montana is a special little flower that graces us with all sorts of wonderful healing properties both pre and post-operatively. But did you also know that Arnica Montana is used before runway shows both orally and topically to reduce bruising, inflammation, and  to clear acne???


Homeocare Laboratories has two (2) wonderful formulations with a third to follow in cream form. You don't have have to spend a fortune to look and feel good, you just have to research the best bang for your buck!


Check out Arnica Relief Tablets and Arnica Montana 30C Pellets, both SAFE & EFFECTIVE.


Great for pain relief, bruises, muscle aches, injuries, and pre & post surgical discomfort and healing.