Dr. Masiello's Newsletter on Corona Virus



As many of you may recall, this year’s flu remedy was and is Gelsemium. The cases that I was treating in January and February were characterized by a low-grade fever with a subtle onset resembling a bad cold. There was nasal congestion, a mild cough, a mild sore throat that lasted 1-2 days, and an overall feeling of exhaustion, heaviness or extreme fatigue. Patients didn't’ really want to move about but just lie there. It didn't hurt to move, you just didn't want to change position. There was also a loss of appetite and some patients developed a head or neck ache. For most patients, the syndrome just dragged on and on. It took a week or more to resolve. A few patients also had diarrhea as their bodies chose that outlet to shed the virus as opposed to shedding it by nasal secretions or expectoration.

As I always do, I mentioned that if you developed a cough or if Gelsemium didn't seem to help very much, you should come to the office for treatment. Well, I did have several patients who did develop a cough and other symptoms and I had an opportunity to help a number of these patients. The remedy which was and is effective for the “post-flu syndrome” is Senega 200C.

In homeopathic practice, the most important thing is the symptom complex or picture and not so much the name of the virus which is causing the symptoms. This is always true even in the case of epidemics. So, I began to think that perhaps some of the cases I was treating in mid- January and throughout February were early cases of corona virus. Without any testing kits available, it is impossible to know. I am not saying that I know for sure that Senega is a treatment or preventive for the novel corona virus, all I am saying is that if you took Gelsemium for your flu-like syndrome but then later developed other symptoms, then Senega is the most likely remedy that is needed. Senega is not a common remedy and it has a reputation as a lung remedy. Here are some of the salient features of Senega:

Headaches – pain in the temples or forehead
Eyes – can feel dry, inflammation of the lids which can be crusty, tearing, discharge from the eyes
Nose – there can be a lot of sneezing with copious amounts of discharge, so much so that you can fill up a waste paper basket with snotty tissues. The discharge can be thin or thick and it is generally transparent
Throat – inflammation of the throat with thick mucus which can be hard to clear
Respiratory system – laryngitis with mucus, a hacking and sometimes suffocating cough with difficulty expectorating the mucus, it may be difficult to lie down in bed because it makes the cough worse, painful chest which can feel too small for your lungs, there may be the strange symptom of coughing that ends in a sneeze, there may be a rattling sound of the mucus moving around in the lungs.

Historically, Senega has been used to treat bronchitis or pneumonia in old people (like me!), shortness of breath with cough or bronchitis, accumulation of fluid in the lungs (hydrothorax) and even tuberculosis.
No patient ever exhibits all the symptoms associated with any remedy but you get the picture. So, if you are having any of these symptoms accompanied by fever and shortness of breath, then consider Senega 200C. You should also isolate yourself. This is easy if you live alone. If you live with others isolate yourself in a bedroom and if possible use one bathroom exclusively. If you can and need to venture out to get supplies and food, wear a mask, if possible, to protect others. Wash hands frequently. The usual measures of rest increased fluids and hot soups will also help with the secretions. It is important not to use anything for a fever under 102 degrees. This will mask symptoms and it will be difficult to know if the remedy is working. The same goes for cough syrups.

If the fever and symptoms persist more than 2 days or worsen, then you need to seek medical assistance. Because I cannot isolate patients in my office as per the latest guidelines, I am offering phone consultations for patients with acute respiratory symptoms. Based on what symptoms you report, I may tell you to seek help at an urgent care facility or an emergency room. The protocols for testing are changing on a daily basis so you may be tested or you may be examined and sent home to recover in isolation. As I have said, I am not saying that Senega is a treatment for the novel corona virus; nobody can determine that without a test. When testing becomes more available, you may choose to be tested. If positive, you will be asked to quarantine yourself by local health authorities. Also, without a test, I cannot recommend using Senega as a preventive for the novel corona virus. I am just recommending it for the treatment of symptoms that match the Senega picture.

So, where do you get Senega 200C? I have made arrangements for Homeocare Labs of Yonkers, NY, to carry this remedy. They are a family-owned homeopathic manufacturer and are making this uncommon remedy available. Click here for Senega 200C and click here for Gelsemium 200C. Please do not call my office for these remedies as we are already overwhelmed with phone calls. If you have any problem with the website, please call or email Homeocare Labs to resolve the issue. They can be reached at 914-920-5991.
What about dosing? Take Senega 200C once or twice a day depending on the severity of your symptoms. You should plus the remedy. If you don’t know what plussing is, then click here.

Some words of caution – if you have chronic lung or heart disease or diabetes, if you are taking immunosuppressive drugs or cancer chemotherapy DO NOT attempt to treat yourself. You need to call your allopathic specialist for guidance.

This epidemic is highly fluid and things may change so I will publish another newsletter if I have more information. In the meantime, take care of yourselves, use common sense and we’ll all get through this one.
Dr. M

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Reprinted with permission